UNDERSTANDING DEMOGRAPHY The world is changing fast, and one of the greatest changes in human history has taken place without many of us even noticing—the changes that result from demographic developments. Understanding these changes can provide a secure foundation as well as significant business opportunities. The idea The idea is simple: by understanding demography, future […]


THE RULE OF 150 100 GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS of collective management such as communication, initiative, and flexibility, and it has enabled a big business with thousands of employees to retain the attitude of a small, entrepreneurial startup. The result is a rate of employee turnover that is a third of the industry average, and sustained […]

How and Why Cryptocurrencies Work?

How and Why Cryptocurrencies Work? Now that you’ve seen why compared to gold, fiat currencies aren’t real money; it’s time to turn our attention to cryptocurrencies as a solid alternative, why they are much closer to gold than money as we know it today is, and why they’d work better than fiat currencies. Low Risk […]

Cryptocurrency Hodling Strategies to Achieve Investment Goals 2022

Cryptocurrency Hodling Strategies to Achieve Investment Goals 2022 Now that you’ve done your pre-hodling homework, it’s time to discuss hodling strategies that can help you achieve your investment goals. Use the Minimum Expected Return to Choose Your Cryptocurrencies After determining your minimum required rate of return, it’s time to do a bit more research for […]

Crypto currencies Trading Indicators

Crypto currencies Trading Indicators Within the next decade, or less, trading in cryptos is going to be dominated by algorithms and artificial intelligence. There is not much to dispute on that. We have already started to see that equities and bonds have started using Quants (Quantitative Analysts). Quants in traditional markets are similar to the […]

Challenges and Difficulty facing Bitcoin/ Crypto Mining

Challenges and Difficulty facing Bitcoin/ Crypto Mining The Difficulty Of Bitcoin/Crypto Mining What Is Mining Difficulty? Mining difficulty is defined as the measure of how hard it is to locate a hash under a given target value during the POW (proof of work). Why Is Mining A Bitcoin Block Difficult? Mining a Bitcoin block is […]

Philosophy of Equity and Exchange

Philosophy of Equity and Exchange This is the crux of the whole Bitcoin value transfer system and this is where you need to disengage your mind from what you and I are so used to. We are used to the printed piece of paper with Jackson, Franklin and Washington printed on them to be something […]

Blocks and Transactions in Bitcoin

Blocks and Transactions in Bitcoin Before we get into miners and mining, we need to make a quick stop at trying to understand blocks and transactions. It is important to know and understand that Bitcoin transactions are not typical remittances that we think of, but rather they are messages of an indication to give someone […]

Basics of Trading

Basics of Trading Trading cryptos is simple. You buy one of many existing Cryptocurrencies that are offered by the exchanges. There are a number of exchanges that exist in the US and in other parts of the world. Before you think about where you want to open an account, here is what you need to […]

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms This is going to be a short chapter because it is only intended to introduce you to AI and programmatic trading. It is my strongest belief that you should get into AI trading, or at the very least programmatic trading, as quickly as possible. Many traders talk about the art of […]