10 Recommended Mining Softwares

Mining Software For Windows
1.     Bitcoin Miner

This mining software is excellent for using on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It provides a user- friendly interface with quick-sharing, mining pool, and power saving features. It also offers a feature called profit reports, which will predict whether your mining process is going to be lucrative or not.

2.     BTCMiner

This open source miner for Bitcoins is popularly used for ZTEX USB-FPGA modules. Looking at its features, the BTCMiner boasts a frequency scaling mode that autonomously selects the most dynamic frequency for the hashes with the highest rate. Furthermore, it is a ready-to-use software where there is no need for a license. It also accompanies FPGA boards that support it through a USB interface for programming and communication.

3.     CGMiner

Any miner comes across this software in the mining activity, as it is arguably the most common of all among miners. It has been designed using the original programming algorithms of CPU Miner. A few of its many features are:

  • Support for CPU mining
  • Support for multiple GPUs
  • Self-detection protocol for finding new blocks, including a mini database
  • Interface capabilities that are located remotely
  • Regulated fan speed
4.     BFGMiner

It resembles CGMiner in operations. However, unlike CGMiner, it has been built specially for ASIC rigs and not for GPUs. A few other features of this software are:

  • Fan regulation
  • Combined overclocking power
  • ADL reordering device by PCI-based bus ID
  • Free mining with LLVM Open Cl/ mesa
5.     EasyMiner

This is a graphics user interface-based software that encases other software like BFGMiner and CGMiner to make it more efficient. It supports both stratum protocol for mining as well as getwork protocol for mining. Plus, it is efficient for both individual and pool-based mining. Its main features comprise of delivering excellent graphs for monitoring performance through simple visualizations, and it provides with miner configuration.

Mining Software For Linux OS
1.     CGMiner

Just like for the Windows platform, CGMiner is a popular and standard mining software that most miners prefer to mine Bitcoins. CGMiner reflects the standards of the original programming algos used in CPU Miner. The features for this software are the same as the ones mentioned in the Windows platform section.

  1. BFGMiner

See information about it in the Windows OS section.

3.     EasyMiner

See features in the Windows mining software section.

Mining Software For The Mac OSX Platform
1.     RPC Miner

RPC Miner shows feasible compatibility with Mac OS of versions 10.6 or higher. It offers combination features with systems and APIs based on MAC OS.

2.     Cash Out your Coins

This particular software will require a miner to cash out some Bitcoins to pay for the energy consumption, such as electricity.

Besides these, the Mac OS platform can run any of the software discussed in the previous platforms. So, you can read about them from previous sections. You can choose the software for beginning your mining activity by comparing their features and other requirements.

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